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-Permanent Pokemon sales - CURRENTLY CLOSED

Pokemon Sales
THESE SALES ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. I'll be making a new post with what I have left. Thank you!

I was granted sales permission on March 23rd by areica96
My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/emeraz/

General Rules
-All community rules apply.
-Priority goes to commitments now, thank you! Tuesday is my last shipping day!
-Open to offers! I want as much gone as possible!
-Everything is pretty much new or in mint condition, unless stated otherwise.
-Don't edit your comments! Just reply to it instead with the correction.
-I live in a smoke free but pet friendly home with both cats and dogs. They don't come in contact with these items though
-I appreciate feedback and will gladly leave feedback for you in return once the transaction is complete!
CTRL+F friendly sales post!

-I ship from California, US.
-These items will be shipped out this Monday or Tuesday
-Within the US: Non-flats start at $3.25. Flats start at $1.50 unless it fits in a letter envelope, which is $0.49. (Flats and envelopes do not come with tracking). Tracking comes with all first class shipments and I wrap everything with bubble wrap for protection. I also keep all proof of shipment.
-International: Non-flat first class starts at $13.50. Large flats start at $4.50, letter flats start at $2. I'm sorry, these are the minimums!

Payments, Holds and Trades
-Payments through Paypal only.
-Payments need to be made within 24 hours of purchase, unless you talked to me about holding an item.
-All prices are listed in USD and do not include shipping and fees unless stated otherwise.
-I don’t mind holding items if you are absolutely committed!


Its Demo Vulpix jar $12
Its Demo Pikachu and Mew pen $10
Pokmeon movie keychain $5

Chespin cushion TTO $20
Pokemon X/Y Trainer pillow $8

Pokemon Time pen case $12

Its Demo Espeon slippers (New without hantags) $30 OBO
Eevee notebook $3
Umbreon Jumbo card $2
Jolteon Highlighter $2
Flareon coaster $3
Twinkle Dreams Espeon, Umbreon clear bag $4
Twinkle Dreams Espeon, Umbreon mirror $4
Jolteon tote bag (brand new) $45 OBO
I love Eevee Espeon Dx plush with hangtag $15
Jolteon Time shirt $8 (I'd say it was a Womens small. Tried it on once)

Custom Vulpix Pokemon Time coin pouch $10
Pokedoll keychain, Espeon, Umbreon, Eevee, Pikachu $5
Charmander rubber keychain $4
Meowth with stand $6
Little Tales pouch $4
Little Tales bandana $5
Ichiban Kuji Lapras and Pikachu hand towel $4
Mimikyu Socks $4
Mimikyu Stamp $2
Pokeball plush with hangtag $4

Cyndaquil lot $30

Its demo Eeveelution cup $15 OBO (has popcorn treat inside. It's old now so would recommend not eating)
Diglet plush $2
Slowpoke Pokedoll with detached hangtag $35 OBO
Litten mascot plush with hangtag $10
Flygon figure (box is damaged, figure is fine) $5
Smeargle custom sticker $2
Old Johto postcard featuring Smeargle, Shuckle, Clefa, Hoppip, Skiploom, Rattata, Pikachu, Pichu, Chincou $5 OBO

Jolteon plush pouch $12
Poscard $2
Shaymin Pokeon Time tin $8
Shaymin Pokemon Time charm $8 (or both the tin and charm for $14)

Vulpix and Alola Vulpix tin $15
Big Cyndaquil plush with hangtag (I love him so much T^T) $15 OBO
Liberty Pikachu mug $10 OBO
Twinkle Dreams glass Espeon/Umbreon $5
Twinkle Dreams glass Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon $5
Eeveelution lanyard $5
Detective Pikachu Loudred Burger King toy $2

Shaymin plush $5
Shaymin rubber keychain (looks used) $2
Shaymin anniversary pin $2
Mimikyu bag $10
Masquerade towel $5

MWT Pikachu plush $12 (Tag is bent around the plush. It's not creased though)

MWT Japanese Sleepy Absol Kuttari - $10
MWT Japanese Sleepy Chespin Kuttari - $10
MWT Japanese Hip Hop Parade Buizel and Swablu mascots $4 each

MWT Liberty Pikachu $15
Eevee coaster $5
Treecko charm $2
Pikachu card sleeve $1

Monthly Pikachu MWT $10
Japanese Rowlett Pokedoll MWT $10
Pikachu tail keychain MWT $8
Togedemaru PC mascot plush $10

Espeon/Umbreon pouch MWT $22
Comfey acrylic keychain $5
Steven Stone can badge $5
Litten/Rowlet/Popplio charm set $5
Snowman Fenniken rubber keychain $5 on hold
Alola Vulpix crystal pen $10 on hold

Japanese Stufful PC plush MWT $10
Japanese Bewear PC plush MWT $10
Japanese Mareanie PC plush MWT $15

MWT Vulpix Its Demo tissue pouch $18
MWT Vulpix Its Demo mirror $20 on hold
Vulpix Its Demo candy tin $8
Its Demo Pikachu plush keychain TTO (Unused-This was paired with Cyndauqil so I took it off) $12

Clearfiles $6 each
Sold: Both N Clearfiles
Jumbo Umbreon card $3

Espeon bandai keychain $12
Espeon friends figure $12

Jolteon stamp $1
Jolteon Pokedoll highlighter $4
Charmander rubber keychain with insert $4
Little metal keychain with insert $3
Delphox charm $1
Pikachu charm $1
Custom Espeon pin $1
Plastic Salamence thing $3
Salamence figure (Has a little hole on his back where a keychain was) $2

Lunala figure (no stand) $3
Pikachu choco figure $2
Sleepy Pikachu figure $4
Meowth TOMY $3
Charmander/Charizard little figures $4
Charizard $6
Kecleon spinner $4

BW2 trainer postcard $2
Lilly postcard (I forgot who the artist was ;;) $2

Non Pokemon

Roy Mustang figure $12

Tales of petit figures $5 each
Berseria anthology $10
Dezel and Rose pins $3 each
Rose Acrylic keychain $5
Rose pillow keychain $5
Berseria Hello Kitty blind badge $5

FMA Sanrio clearfile $5
FMA postcards $2 each
FMA transmutation circle mat/rug $10

Everything is $8 each
Sold: Magilou

Badges $5 each
Acrylic keychains $8 each

New Bravely Default Anthology - $8

Ichiban Kuji pass keychains - Cucco and Moon $8 each
Ichiban Kuji Sheikah Glass $5
Ichiban Kuji blind box rubber keychains $6 each
Hyrule Historia digital download code $3
OoT young link keychain $5

Loot Crate/Nerd Block items
Dragon Age dragon figure $10
Metal Gear D-Dog plush keychain $5
Loot create monthly theme poster/pins $4 for all
Pitfall canteen $5
Dr. Who figure $3
Prey mousepad $3
Assassin's Creed figure $4

Blizzard series 2 pins $5 each, except gold - $10 ($22 for all)

Tsubasa manga (All in pretty much new condition, read once.) $5 each OBO

Tales of the Abyss card puzzle complete - $10
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